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Heartland Hills Homeowner's Association

By-laws / Covenants

Important Phone Numbers & Emails & Websites:
Board Member Contacts -
President - Aaron Isaac -
Vice Pres - Andrea Ritchie 
Auxiliary - Jason Kernosky -
Secretary - 
Treasurer - Renee Stolte
Auxiliary - Skip Weikle
City of Bloomington:
 - Street side tree replacement - 434-2260
 - Water/Sewer/Garbage - 424-2220

McLean County:
Police Department - 828-8888 non emergency
RAIDS Online Crime Mapping:
Fire Department - 911 for emergencies
Comcast / Xfinity  - 800-XFINITY
Cornbelt Electric - 800-879-0339
Nicor Gas - 888-642-6748 for leaks and emergencies
Frontier Communications - 800-921-8101
Garage, Recycled, and Bulk Waste Collection
For Heartland Hills, regular garbage is collected every Thursday morning. Recycled is collected every other Thursday. 
Annual Assessments
Annual Assessments are generally due around April 1st. The amount may vary depending on anticipated expenditures. The amount is announced at the annual meeting. The information will also be posted on the website and on signs posted at each entrance.
Make checks payable to: Heartland Hills HOA
Send to:
Heartland Hills HOA
P.O. Box 996
Bloomington, IL 61702
Any questions or concerns, please contact any board member.
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