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Heartland Hills is a peaceful, growing, family friendly neighborhood on the west edge of Bloomington, Illinois; with the beauty of rural living and the benefits of a big city.

Current Board Members:

Aaron Isaac

 - President


Andrea Ritchie

 - Vice President


Jason Kernosky

 - Aux #1

Skip Weikle

-Aux #2

Renee Stolte

-  Treasurer)


- Secretary



Upcoming Events:

2022 Annual Meeting: Sunday 2/20/22 at 1pm via Zoom

2022 Dues are $200 and will be due by April 1st.  Mailers will go out the week of 2/21 and signs will be posted.

Spring Reminder!
Now that Spring is around the corner, many of us are lining up projects for spring and summer.  Often times these involve fences or sheds.  Remember to check the neighborhood covenants and bylaws to make sure your plans comply with our codes.


Friendly Reminders:


Please be careful when disposing of medical waste. A hypodermic needle was found by the lake by a child. Remember, any trash that ends up in the street may end up in the retention pond as our street drains funnel to it.



The bylaws of Heartland Hills state quite clearly that RV's, trailers, boats, etc... are NOT allowed to be parked or stored in the neighborhood, except entirely within a garage. If you have such an item, you need to remove it immediately, or legal steps will be taken to deal with it. Any legal and administrative costs the HOA incurs in dealing with said violations become the responsibility of the homeowner once the board turns the case over to our attorney. Please keep that in mind.

Current Projects in the works
  1. Entryway Refresh (Spring/Summer 2021)
Key Documents:
Garage Sale Flyer
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